Sadness on the Road to the Cross

By Liz Voboril
Podcast Episode

If you'd like to get an email each time we add an episode, sign up here. In this episode, we look at how Jesus' sadness as he nears the cross is another window into his personhood.

“It really is true that Jesus is present. He's present with not only their rejection of him but with himself. He's comfortable being sad. And I don't think as Christians we're that comfortable or we hear much teaching on the negative emotions."

“It's just a remarkable window into Jesus heart that he's looking outside of himself at a time like this."

"One of the neat things about Jesus' sadness is that he doesn't get self-entangled. That is, if there's a problem in Christianity with stoicism, in the broader culture there's increasingly this problem of getting self-entangled in your grief. If emotions can be a bit suppressed within Christianity, within the broader culture they have almost become sacred."