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The Feel of Waiting
A Praying Church

The Anticipatory Waiting of Advent

Paul E. Miller | December 12, 2022

The most easily missed person in the Christmas story is the last one mentioned. Where did the gift of Jesus, which led to the destruction of all evil and to a new heavens and earth, begin? With Anna in the temple praying. Of course, the gift of Jesus began from all eternity, and yet, it needed a human instrument, a conduit. Anna’s praying was one of the sparks that led to the incarnation...
Person of Jesus study with Ukrainian refugees
Person of Jesus

God Sees You & Has Compassion

Liz Voboril | November 4, 2022

When missionary, Tracey Eide, arrived in Krakow, Poland, she was asked if she'd be willing to start a Bible study for moms. The group of Ukrainian refugees, some believers and some not, used the newly Russian-translated "Person of Jesus" study.
Jill Miller teaching the gang

5 Simple Ways to Teach Anyone about Jesus

Jill Miller | October 27, 2022

I try to adapt Bible study materials so that people affected by disability can go beyond where they ever have before in studying the Bible. I want to make sure all of “the gang” (as I lovingly call the kids and adults I teach who are affected by disabilities) can learn the Bible.