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The Passion, Lent

The Paradoxical Glory of the Cross

Paul E. Miller | February 3, 2021

We get confused about glory. You will hear someone say, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if so-and-so, this famous athlete, became a Christian? Then God would get lots of glory.” I think that is very true: God does get glory, and he gets praise every time someone becomes a Christian. If someone famous becomes a Christian, then the possibility of other people turning to Christ increases. That’s good. But it’s almost as if we want God to be famous!

nativity scene

Christmas and the Narrowing of Love

Paul E. Miller | December 11, 2020

One of the things that makes Christmas so amazing every year is that you never really understood it last year. The idea of God becoming a person, a little baby, is so immense that we can’t ever wrap our minds around it.