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A mother and her four children arrive at UDG

Extremely Exhausted & Uniquely United

Liz Voboril | May 18, 2022

Our Eurasia Coordinator, Richard, recently traveled to Romania to deliver resources for our partners at UDG, a Christian university in Moldova engaged in Ukrainian refugee ministry. He met so many people who are being the hands and feet of Jesus to those who are displaced!
Father kissing his son on the cheek

The Father’s Joy in Resurrection

Paul E. Miller | April 27, 2022

God is the one taking action in Jesus’ resurrection. The Apostle Paul is pointing out something that's really important for love: we do the dying, but God does the resurrecting. This doesn't mean that we’re completely passive in resurrection. But the energy, ideas, and the people that help—all of that is from the father. It's the father's gift to us...
Black and white image with tree on a hill

Sadness on the Way to the Cross

Paul E. Miller | March 23, 2022

We are living in a season of sadness. This is true globally at multiple levels, but it's also true for the Church as we enter Lent. For many of us, sadness is frightening because we don’t know how to enter it without drowning.