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Jon, Kieran and his family
A Praying Church

The Car that Wouldn’t Start

Kieran Carr | May 2, 2023

After three years of doing the Lord’s work in the power of the flesh rather than of the Spirit, Kieran Carr had a major health collapse. He told his boss, "I can't do this anymore," but his boss encouraged him to take a break. In God's providence, Kieran "met" seeJesus during that break.
Apprenticing Under the Master
Student Ministry

Apprenticing Under the Master

Liz Voboril | April 11, 2023

A high school sophomore who lives in Arizona, Caroline, meets weekly with a group of students and a mentor to work through lessons in the "Person of Jesus—Student Edition" study on honesty. The new study will impact many students like Caroline. "Jesus' honesty surprises students in a thousand good ways!"
Cherry tree in bloom
Passion Week

Love Goes Low

Paul E. Miller | March 27, 2023

Jesus spends the last six months of his life going lower, down to Jerusalem and to his death on the cross. At same time, we begin to see the disciples wanting to go higher. We see this starting right after the Mount of Transfiguration, as they are returning to Capernaum.