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Meet Bob Allums

Meet Bob Allums

A Praying Life Director
Meet Bob Allums
A Praying Life Director

Bob Allums (M.Div), A Praying Life Director for seeJesus, has taught over 100 prayer seminars around the world in countries including Morocco, Turkey, England, Spain, and Australia. Bob, who served in pastoral ministry for 14 years, gauges the success of a conference not by comments such as, “That was great!” but by declarations like, “I can actually do this now!” Bob is co-presenter, along with Paul Miller, on seeJesus’ Launch Into Prayer Cards course. Anyone who has worked, worshipped, or even been in the same room with Bob for long knows that his one-of-a-kind laugh is nearly 100% contagious. Bob and his wife, Helen, have three married children and one grandson and live in central Florida.

What has been surprising over your years of working with A Praying Life? Everyone struggles with the same things when it comes to prayer! It doesn’t matter if someone is a successful ministry leader in the US or a farmer in the third world—the struggles are still the same. 

What do you enjoy about leading prayer seminars? People are excited about engaging the Father from the heart and on a practical level without all of the guilt or feelings of inadequacy. Discovering or rediscovering that God is vitally interested and takes great joy in relating to you, your heart, and your situations needing his help gets people praying again. People crave a genuine walk with God; it’s great to see it!

About A Praying Life

A Praying Life began as a weekend seminar in a friend's basement and went on to become a best-selling book, now in it's second edition, that has helped some 350,000 Christians learn how to pray! A Praying Life helps badly praying Christians—that’s 99% of us—discover the joy of prayer. Through our seminars, prayer card course, and other resources, we help you practice becoming child-like, patterning our prayers after Jesus’ own teaching and prayers. If you’ve ever struggled with or felt defeated during prayer, A Praying Life is for you!

What People Are Saying

“This is as fine a book on prayer that you will ever read, but it is so much more. It is the story of our struggle to actually live like we believe that our Heavenly father really does love us. If we did, nothing could keep us from being committed to the day by day hard work of prayer. Paul exegetes our struggle in a way that is convicting, insight giving and encouraging. This is a book on prayer that actually makes you want to pray!”

— Paul David Tripp, president, Paul Tripp Ministries; author of Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands, Age of Opportunity

“The A Praying Life Seminar is the most practical training in prayer possible, yet it is rooted in biblical theology. I highly recommend it.”

Rev. Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York, NY

"The Launch Into Prayer Cards video course is one of the best tools God has given me this year! I play the segments over and over and will continue to do so every year going forward. I even love playing them for the men I meet with. There is nothing like sitting in on two prayer veterans showing me their prayer cards and hearing their stories and tips."

Tim (Timo) Strawbridge, Director of Spiritual Life, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Lakeland, Florida