What makes seeJesus studies unique? SeeJesus materials activate curiosity. Participants get permission to take risks in thinking about the Bible in new ways as they get to know Jesus.

What’s your favorite part? The interactive Q & A style encourages everyone in the room to think out loud and discover, creating a learning environment that is so exciting. Teacher and students are on an equal playing field, with everyone discovering Jesus in new ways together simultaneously.


Simply Jesus

The world around us values love, freedom, justice, and grace but tries in vain to achieve these ideals without Christ. That’s why a simple and careful study of the person of Jesus, and how perfectly he exhibits these characteristics, is a great way to begin conversations about the gospel. SeeJesus Bible studies look so closely at Jesus and the way that he lives that both believers and unbelievers are drawn into worship.

What People are Saying

"Our group included a neighbor who was a graduate student in Catholic theology, a former neighbor who is Catholic and had never studied the Bible before, and also did not seem to know the Lord personally, a neighbor who had never seen a Bible before, a neighbor from a more liberal Presbyterian denomination, and two or three other evangelicals. We all learned, and we all learned together. I have been a Christian for over 30 years, and consider myself to be pretty familiar with the Bible from attending and leading inductive discussion Bible studies, but I learned to see Jesus in a whole new way, noticing details about his loving ways that I had never seen in the Scriptures before."

- Ruth Ann Irwin, participant in a Person of Jesus study

“It seems to me that the command in the Great Commission is laden with a command to action, and yet literally says make disciples. In the study we’ve had here, the Word is doing its work and the folks who are not coming to Christ are definitely disturbed, internally wrestling with what their view is of God. We have just told people we were going to study the Bible in order to learn more of who Jesus is. I guess God has just gone before us. It’s a great study. ”

- Melody Burke, Church staff and co-leader of a Person of Jesus study

“People want too sharply to divide the work of evangelism and discipleship. What they should be doing is seeing that everyone needs the gospel no matter where you are. Churches have groups that are segregated (believer groups and unbeliever groups) rather than letting folks care for and struggle with each other all in the same group. If they would have more full spectrum groups, then everyone would see their need and other’s needs and use the gospel more effectively. Your material seems to be meeting that need. That’s why both believers and unbelievers are drawn to it. The gospel is for everyone and we can grow deeper and investigate the surface all in one study. ”

- Drew Derreth, Pastor