Prayer Cards

A Praying Life
Prayer Cards
Pack of 50

The A Praying Life prayer card pack is a shrink-wrapped package of 50 black ink prayer cards designed to help you pray more regularly and intentionally about the people and situations in your everyday life. Use these cards to track your prayer stories with a place for the person or item you are praying about, a scripture, the date, and notes from the prayer story.

What People Are Saying

“Paul Miller teaches us to pray where we live: in the messiness of ordinary lives filled with kids, jobs, ministries, and other people’s constant needs and demands. He doesn’t offer shortcuts, but he does offer real encouragement and practical tools to grow deeper in an intimate conversation with God.”

Cynthia Hyle Bezek, editor of Pray! magazine; author of Come Away with Me

“Paul Miller is an artist in prayer. In A Praying Life, Miller weaves a tapestry of prayer and life. Like a craftsman teaching an apprentice, he encourages us to do the same. Life's daily events are like the disconnected strands of the warp. Interweaving prayer is the connecting woof that intersects everyday life and gives it color, texture, and purpose. Miller knows his aim. He trains by living illustrations of integrity and example.”

John Smed, author of Seven Days of Prayer with Jesus


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