The True Gardener and His Sign

By Liz Voboril
Podcast Episode

If you'd like to get an email each time we add an episode, sign up here. In this final episode in our Lenten series, we turn our attention to the resurrection.

“The way Jesus announces [his resurrection] is pure Jesus. We discover that Jesus has been just standing there quietly with Mary, saying nothing. I love that. It’s so like him to just be present with Mary. Generally speaking the more powerful our voice is, the more market share we have in a conversation, the more we use that. No one has more market share than Jesus. No one has more powerful voice, and yet he's the quietest person in the room."

“Jesus's sign is his spent-ness."

"Jesus's sign is his spent-ness. He loves to the very the end, the Telos. He's completely drained of everything at the end of his life. His scars, his wounds, reveal the completeness of his love. And for us, it's our scars that bind us to Christ and that reveal Christ in us to others. Christianity is not some sort of scar management or plastic surgery. That would be taking the American dream and draping it over true Christianity and missing the real thing."