The Soul is Not Disabled - An Interview with Jill Miller and Felicia Grandinette

By Liz Voboril
Podcast Episode

This is the third episode of our Advent series called, "Joy of Every Longing Heart." Liz Voboril and Jon Hori interview Jill Miller and Felicia Grandinette about their experience with discipling people with special needs.

"One day Kim was very frustrated with work—she walks dogs, going from house to house with an aide. She came home fired up, lit up with anger. That morning I was at a Bible study.  After Kim got her shoes off, I shared with her really briefly what I had learned that helped me with anger in that study. As soon as I talked to Kim I saw her anger deflate. I had just left my teaching job and I was struck how little people with disability are actually discipled and how they can learn…”

"We’ve limited the soul and the power of learning – the soul is not disabled!"

"If there are parents out there, you know you're longing for this perfection. I remember I could hardly I could hardly like watch other children that were Kim's age it was just so painful. I like my heart was broken it was such a longing. Over the years – Kim's going to be 38 this month – I’ve seen that I’m the one that had a heart that needed adjusting. I've really seen how God has created Kim the same way as he's created me for particular purpose. That longing in me has really turned into thanksgiving."