Self-Righteousness (Part 1)

By Caitlin Pifer
Podcast Episode

We continue our series on Jesus and Compassion, looking at the story of Jesus and the dinner at the home of Simon the Pharisee in Luke 7.

"What’s so striking is Jesus' silence. It’s not unlike multiple other scenes in Jesus’ life where He does something that has the effect of creating space that other people fill. I think it’s so striking for me, because I tend to fill space! Just this morning at a prayer meeting, I wanted to say something funny, but I remember thinking ‘what will happen if I tell this joke?’ It would mess up the gentle storyline that was going on. Sure – there’s a sense in which everybody would have enjoyed it, but it would have suddenly put me in the center. I was struck by how it would mess with the Holy Spirit’s narrative."

"Jesus is showing us what it’s like to be a human in step with the Spirit."

"I believe that as we mature as believers we become more Jesus-like, we broaden our range of love, our ability to balance these opposites. So instead of getting stuck in a rut where we kind of rely on our core personality, who we are as a person broadens out. You’re able to move back and forth between compassion and honesty. Sometimes I need to be listening, sometimes I need to be disrupting. Maturity is learning that balance, developing a praying spirit submitted to your heavenly father, just like Jesus."