By Caitlin Pifer
Podcast Episode

Paul, Jon and Liz continue their conversation about Jesus’ honesty.

“Jesus is actually being a little on the funny side when he says, ‘First take the plank out of your own eye and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.’ There’s this trace kind of light humor through the Sermon on the Mount. You know, ‘if your eye offends you pluck it out.’ But it’s striking that when someone frustrates you or there’s a broken relationship, Jesus begins with how do we see that person.”

“There is a pain to meekness—you can feel like you’re disappearing, because you are—but then we’ve got this promise that the meek will inherit the earth!”

"Judging tends to be quick. It’s this immediate analysis of someone else or a situation. Jesus isn’t saying it might not be accurate. But Jesus is just saying that you don’t have to have an opinion. And if you do have an opinion, you don’t have to share it, and if you are going to share it, then first stop and look at yourself for a little bit. It slows human relationships down."