Praying about Sexual Temptation

By Liz Voboril
Podcast Episode

In this episode, Jon Hori talks with Paul Miller, Paul's son John Miller, and John's friend Tim Bogertman about how to pray through sexual temptation.

"I approached my dad and about a problem that I couldn't let go off, specifically with looking at online pornography. Tim is my best friend and he’d confided in me back when we were in college, and I would go to him for help and he would go for to me for help… we invited dad into the conversation just to try to help us a little bit. That's when we really started to change and our eyes started opening up to the journey.”

"One of the main habits of grace is confession. Confession converts shame to guilt. You can't do anything with shame – it just makes you feel yucky. But confession would convert shame to guilt and guilt can be covered by the blood of Jesus."

"I knew I wanted them to pray because I wanted to create new habits of grace. I knew the power of shame, of wanting to hide. I actually said something like: Guys, I want you to prepare for five years of this. It’s like you’re two totally out of shape guys who’ve told me that you want to climb this little hill outside of Philly called Mount Pocono, which is kind of a bump compared to a real mountain, but what you really want to climb is Mount Everest...”