Pray Big (Part 1)

By Liz Voboril
Podcast Episode

Paul is back from a podcast break and we're resuming our A Praying Church series with a two-part conversation on "Pray Big". 

"The idea of praying big is that there's a tendency in prayer meetings or even in your own prayer life to focus on immediate needs, moving from Aunt Edna's hip to Uncle Ira's arthritis back again to cousin Eddie's whatever! I'm not belittling the importance of those prayers, but to pray only those would be like getting stuck in the weeds."

"Sometimes you need to look at the forest instead of one particular tree."

"The part of the Lord's prayer that fits this is the opening petition: “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” That prayer is mammoth! That is the Jesus version of ‘go big or go home.’"