Powered by the Spirit

By Liz Voboril

This episode is the fifth in the "Forming a J-Curve Community" series, based on Part 5 of Paul's book, J-Curve: Dying and Rising with Jesus in Everyday Life.

The new way of getting power is the Spirit. The way Paul accesses that power is the same way Jesus did in his death and his resurrection – it was through dying. In effect, Paul is re-enacting the dying and rising of Jesus all the time."

"A ministry of prayer is the only ministry where you disappear. In every other ministry, someone notices you."

"The Spirit of Jesus needs to be at the center of a community in order to defeat the human community’s tendency to idolizing community and moving merely to safety. It is my primary task as a Christian leader to be a conduit for the Spirit’s power, and that happens through humility and weakness."