The Parable of the Missing CEO

By Liz Voboril
Podcast Episode

This episode is part of a series titled A Praying Church. Bob Allums, Director of seeJesus' A Praying Life Ministry, joins Paul and Liz Voboril for this series.

"This parable is trying to show is the current management model of the church which puts prayer in the periphery is simply crazy. Like you have an organization where you ignore your CEO. It’s just bad management and it comes under the guise of good management."

"How odd it is that the church that worships Jesus spends little very little time waiting and talking to him."

"He's not just the savior of my heart—he saves my family today. His saving work is active and present. He is the CEO! I think Jesus, by his Spirit, permitted the pandemic to slow the church down. To get us to pay attention to janitors."