Love Your Enemies

By Caitlin Pifer
Podcast Episode

Paul, Jon and Liz continue their conversation about Jesus’ honesty.

“People cancel one another very easily and shut down with the other person. But Jesus says we can’t do that. We need to move towards our enemies, and you need to do it thoughtfully thinking, 'How can I care for them? What needs does this enemy have?'”

“You cannot be passive with evil is another way of saying it. Evil is far too pervasive. It’s far too intrusive. It’s far too aggressive for you to have a neutral stance with it.”

“‘Loving your enemy’ is almost like you’re in a fight, backed into an alley and you have one last big swing. You can either use that opportunity for a ‘Hail Mary’ of a swing against the enemy, or follow Jesus and get down on the floor and wash their feet.”