Jesus as the House of Prayer

By Liz Voboril
Podcast Episode

This episode is part of a series titled A Praying Church. Bob Allums, Director of seeJesus'A Praying Life Ministry, joins Paul and Liz Voboril for this series.

"Jesus focuses on teaching his disciples how to pray, and it begins with them requesting it. Jesus doesn't teach them until they're eager to learn. They've got to want to do it.”

"If you struggle to get prayer meetings going, take heart—Jesus' attempt to get a prayer meeting going failed too."

"Now when you turn the page, and you go from Luke to Acts, it is absolutely delightful because Acts like Luke opens with a prayer meeting, except it's a 10-day prayer meeting and they've really got it, because Jesus didn't tell them to pray, he's told them to wait, and they knew what they should do—they prayed."