Hunting for Resurrection

By Caitlin Pifer
Podcast Episode

We wrap up the J-CURVE: Descent of Love series by looking at the Father's response to Jesus' descent. Our material comes from the J-Curve book and new J-Curve Interactive Bible Study, Unit 3.

"Just as Jesus’ body is waiting on that cold slab, we have cold slab relationships in our lives. We can pray for these relationships and be filled with love. We’re not immobile, but we can’t make change happen in the other person. That can only be a gift from the Father. Knowing this frees you to relax in your deaths and not demand that a resurrection happen in your timing or way.”

"I have a very strong temptation to try to do resurrection in my own strength."

"I think of the dying and rising of Jesus and in our everyday lives like a bungee jump. There’s this huge drop, but as it goes down the kinetic energy is building and building. That’s kind of like what’s happening with the Father as he is watching his son’s obedience in love. So then, the resurrection is this incredible release of the Father’s energy and delight in his son."