House of Prayer

By Liz Voboril
Podcast Episode

This episode is part of a series titled A Praying Church. Bob Allums, Director of seeJesus' A Praying Life Ministry, joins Paul and Liz Voboril for this series.

"The first glimmer of the church is in Genesis 4:26. At the end of this chapter, in the midst of this sort of descent into evil, people begin to call upon the name of the Lord. What jumps out is that they're defined by prayer. That is what it is to be the called out people of God.

"When Solomon dedicates the temple in 1 Kings, he doesn't preach he prays."”

"For the Jewish people, the temple became known as a place of prayer. That that was their primary thought as to what you did in the temple—it just it permeates Jewish culture even outside of Christianity. Solomon imprinted the DNA of the temple as the place of prayer."