Honesty & Our Cultural Context

By Caitlin Pifer
Podcast Episode

The podcast team continues their new series on Jesus & Honesty, looking at honesty in our cultural context.

“How do you balance care for a person and care for truth? It is extraordinarily complex. In any relationship where you hit some speed bumps, you immediately encounter that complexity. I am not a neutral truth speaker. I am a sinner saved by grace, who is a saint at my core, but I’ve got my flesh to deal with…”

“It’s not like you graduate out of prayer and get good at honesty. What happens is you get quicker to go to prayer, so that your honesty can be shaped with gentleness and wisdom.”

“What Jesus is getting at in the Sermon on the Mount about judging is honesty that’s been unreflective. You need to do 'beam research' in your own eye, you need to slow down, apply the Golden Rule, be reflective before you speak. Think about your heart, your motivation, your behavior. The Golden Rule slows you down. That self-reflection frames your honesty.”