Good Jealousy

By Liz Voboril
Podcast Episode

Paul, Jon and Liz continue their conversation about Jesus’ honesty.

"The phrase 'speaking truth to power' is often shared as kind of almost glib kind of thing. But speaking truth to power is really at the heart of the prophetic tradition that we see in the hebrew prophets, and all through Scripture. It's permeated civilizations that have really embraced Christianity. It’s really neat to look back at Jesus and watch him do it.

“What you're seeing here in Jesus is the beauty of jealousy.”

"Jealousy, like anger or sexual desire, is a neutral quality. When we hear jealousy we often think negatively just like when we hear anger but Jesus is jealous for his Father's house. He's jealous for the Gentiles. Anyone who's a lover is protective of the object of their love. They are jealous for that person and so he is consumed by his Father's loves and to not be jealous is to not care, to be indifferent."