Good Anger

By Liz Voboril
Podcast Episode

Paul, Jon and Liz continue their conversation about Jesus’ honesty.

“The fully human Jesus was in step with the Spirit and the Spirit can lead you in these really complex situations. He’s loving people who see themselves above Jesus and those who are below in the same story. It’s neat to see that high bar for love. When you get in these overwhelming situations where you don't know how to love, you can pray your way through and ask he Spirit to lead.”

“The gospels are really odd for a stoic.”

“For the Greek stoics everything was about emotion management. The beauty of Jesus is he's fully alive—he’s alive to what's good and he's not trying to suppress who he is to manage life. The consequences of his good anger will be his own death. He's the true warrior, the true hero who goes into the face of evil.”