The Gift of Honesty

By Caitlin Pifer
Podcast Episode

We’re at the start of a new podcast series called “Jesus & Honesty.” In these episodes, we’ll be focusing on Jesus’ stunning, others-centered honesty. In today’s conversation, we start by looking at this strange “Gift of Honesty.

“What Jesus says here in Luke 7 is actually really very kind. That kindness is a characteristic of his honesty. He will often deal with obvious things in front of him that the rest of us will just be quiet about and have sideways conversations about later on.”

“Jesus’ honesty enlarges the world of these dinner guests. It is good advice, and it invites them to live in light of eternity.”

“Sometimes in stories like these, we assume that Jesus just showed up and decided in the moment what he was going to do. We can miss his dependent prayer life on the Father before, during, and even after these moments. That is where he gets the wisdom to know what to do.”