Gentle Intrusion

By Caitlin Pifer
Podcast Episode

The podcast team continues their series looking at Jesus and how his dependence on the Father shapes his love. Today, we spend the first of two episodes watching Jesus love Zacchaeus.

"When my dad preached a sermon on Zacchaeus some forty years ago and said when you think of Zacchaeus, think of Danny Devito. His whole persona, his character. Self-confident, a little on the obnoxious side of charming. Danny Devito just kind of nails it!... Zacchaeus is a man of action, and Jesus incarnates with him by essentially ordering him: Come down immediately; I must stay at your house today. It’s something we would never even think of doing with a complete stranger."

"'Blessed are those who are making everyone happy' could be a modern beatitude."

"We’re living in a cultural setting where you approach everyone and everything with skepticism and cynicism. To move toward someone with this 'gentle intrusion' love of Jesus can be automatically categorized and received as a malicious kind of move. And so we sometimes ‘freeze’ instead of loving. This gentle intrusion is a side of Christ that we need to learn."