Entering the Story: An Interview with Robert Row

By Liz Voboril
Podcast Episode

This is the second episode of our Advent series called, "Joy of Every Longing Heart." Liz Voboril and Jon Hori interview Robert Row, seeJesus's Student Ministries Coordinator, and hear more of his story and his heart for junior and senior high school students.

"At some point as a church we're going have to look in the mirror and ask the question what have we missed, what in our training has led to what we're seeing [with youth leaving the church]. I'm deeply convicted that part of that is that we've given them lots of truth – which we all wholeheartedly agree with – but we've missed giving them a love to fall in love with: the Person of Truth."

"The study of the person of Jesus has just riveted and changed my life."

I see [students] starting to contemplate who this person really is. Most of their church lives they've known the 72-hour Jesus -- his cross and resurrection -- but they haven't really known him as a person."