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Meet Robert Row

Meet Robert Row

Student Ministries Coordinator
Meet Robert Row
Student Ministries Coordinator

Robert Row serves as Student Ministries Coordinator and helps others discover the person of Jesus. He admits that—despite 20 years of pastoral ministry to children, youth, and families—Jesus was once something of a distant superhero to him. “In 2014, the Lord awakened my heart to the humanity of Christ,” he explains, “and I set out to discover the real Jesus.” Robert’s explorations led him to seeJesus. He loves practical jokes and adventures in the outdoors and was once chased by a moose while working at Yellowstone National Park. (Apparently, there are pictures). Robert and his wife, Rebecca, have five children, one of whom is now with Jesus, and live outside of Chattanooga, TN.

Why focus on the Person of Jesus in student ministry? A lot of people are looking at the problem of students leaving the faith and proposing good solutions that boil down to teaching more truth. Those solutions are good and right. But I believe the core of the problem is that we haven’t captivated their hearts with a love for Jesus.

How do you think that happens? Well, I didn’t fall in love with the ideal of marriage. I fell in love with a person named Rebecca who became my wife. I fell in love with the person first and, secondarily, the truth about marriage. If students fall in love with the person of Jesus first, they will then fall in love with the truth he teaches.

Our culture offers an enticing view of humanity, and students are embracing it. Yet this generation is more anxious, depressed, and lonely than any in recent history. There is mass confusion over what it means to be human. As followers of Jesus, we have the best vision of humanity to offer: the Person of Jesus. He is Humanity 2.0!

seeJesus wants to help students (and student ministry leaders) slow down and look closely at Jesus. Slowing down helps us notice not only the (potentially familiar) event, but how Jesus navigates the moment as a person -- how he loves, depends on his Father, speaks the truth, and more. Jesus' robust humanity is captivating and inspiring, fueling students' faith and giving them a fresh vision for what it is to live as followers of Christ. 


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What People are Saying

We’ve been using the student version of The Person of Jesus in our small groups for a few months now. Both the students and the leaders like the question-based format, and all of us are seeing Jesus more clearly: not just for what he did, but for what kind of person he was, and is.

Jason Kriaski
Youth Pastor, Atlanta Westside Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, GA

There’s a difference between understanding all the facts about a historic figure and getting to personally know and even fall in love with the real person. The seeJesus student material will introduce you to the Person of Jesus Christ through the gospel narratives and will leave you wondering how you ever might have missed him in the first place. Sit at the feet of the Master, learning how to do life from the Man who did it best, and watch your group come alive.

Zach Mashburn
Youth Director, First Presbyterian Church, Chattanooga, TN

Many studies and curriculum do a great job teaching our students ABOUT God, his Son Jesus and his Word. I’ve loved The Person of Jesus—Student Edition as we are able to SEE Jesus as a person and are able to experience sitting at His feet.

Zach Wyatt
Director of Youth Leader Collective, Chattanooga, TN

Most people have thoughts and opinions about Jesus. Those who’ve grown up in the church have likely memorized many facts about what Jesus came to this earth to accomplish. However, could it be that many Christians know the work of Jesus, but have missed the person of Jesus? It’s this exact thought that The Person of Jesus—Student Edition seeks to address. This study draws students (and leaders) into a deeper understanding of the God-man, Jesus Christ. These lessons are informative, easy to use, and will impact the teacher and student alike.

John Perritt
Director of Resources for Reformed Youth Ministries, Charlottesville, VA

My student ministry used The Person of Jesus—Student Edition this past fall. The most exciting part was seeing the students read the stories of Jesus in the Bible while looking at his compassion, honesty and dependence on the Father. The students learned how to slow down, look at Jesus in his humanity and learn how he loved. Our students were engaged in the lessons as they experienced the seeJesus’ interactive approach. The lessons also were transformative in students’ lives as they saw how they could imitate Jesus through the power of the Spirit in them.

Donna Kaplan
Redemption Gateway Student Ministry, Phoenix, AZ