A Praying Life Pastor Cohorts

Meet Jon

Meet Jon

West Coast and East Asia Director
Meet Jon
West Coast and East Asia Director

Over the course of nearly 20 years of pastoral ministry, church planting pastor Jon has been on a mission to experience and express the Father’s heart. When he read A Praying Life In 2009 and then hosted his first seeJesus training, he knew he’d discovered an invaluable tool. "SeeJesus changed everything about the way we do ministry!" he explains.

Now seeJesus’ Regional Director for the West Coast and East Asia, Jon has led more than 20 seminars—in places near and far. Watching people discover the depth of God’s love for them and seeing them fall deeper in love with Jesus keeps Jon teaching, preaching, traveling, and praying through it all. 

Jon admits to an obsession with coffee, which has led him to amass a considerable collection of coffee mugs from around the world. His wife of 19 years, Sonia, has recently capped his collection (although he occasionally manages to sneak in a new one). Jon and Sonia have four kids and live in San Bernadino County, CA. 

Why A Praying Life Pastor Cohorts? As a pastor, I quickly got in over my head with leadership responsibilities and pastoral care needs. I'd spent years training to prepare sermons, but I had no idea how to pray through what I was facing. If the paradigm of A Praying Life is like a new and exciting workout program, the cohort is like a group training session that helps you build those habits into your life and ministry.

What happens in a typical cohort meeting? We meet for one hour per week on a web conference platform to do two things: (1) learn to pray and (2) pray. We learn through a book study, open discussions, and applying new ideas in our personal lives and ministries. Then we pray through five key areas in each of our lives and begin to watch, together, what God does. Seeing God at work in the lives of others encourages you to keep asking—even when you don’t yet see movement in your own prayer story.

Train Together in Prayer

Our 12-week A Praying Life Pastor Cohorts help you implement the A Praying Life paradigm in your life and ministry. You’ll gather with a trainer and a group of 7-8 pastors on a video conferencing platform and build a set of 5 or more personal prayer cards that you’ll use to pray through key areas. You will see God at work in one another’s lives and, ultimately, grow in wisdom and faith. There is a $150 fee for cohort participation; you will be billed after being confirmed and placed in a cohort. Prerequisite: Any one of the following: (1) Attend an A Praying Life Pastors' Conference, (2) Attend an A Praying Life Seminar, or (3) Read the A Praying Life book. 

What People Are Saying

"So often we're trained in the word but not in prayer. I can't imagine a pastor saying, 'I just don't have time for the Word.' But we say we don't have time for prayer all the time. And it's making us anemic. If you aspire to vitality in your personal and family ministry, prayer is a must. The cohort will help you pursue this far better than you would be able to will yourself to get there on your own."

- Tyler Johnson, Lead Pastor, Redemption Church, AZ

"The A Praying Life material and cohort has removed the guilt of prayerlessness and replaced it with joy. I could not ask for a more happy and exciting way to do ministry."


- James Pavlic, Church Planter, OH