Meet Paul E. Miller
Executive Director

Paul Miller is executive director of seeJesus, a global discipling mission, and best-selling author of books and interactive Bible studies including A Praying Life and J-Curve. 

Why do you have a pastor’s ministry? I love the church! My heart often breaks for how the managerial and therapeutic—or the coldly theological—have invaded her walls, but still I love the church. As my love for Jesus has grown over the years, so has my love for his bride.

I’m interested. Where should I start? It’s easy in ministry to lose your first love. Having trained pastors now for 30 years, I’ve noticed how often youthful ambition gives way to cynicism. It’s a cancer of the soul. My prayer is that if you immerse yourself in our training and material, your love for Jesus and the church will grow. 

Pastors Need Jesus

With its consuming and deeply personal demands on your heart, mind, and relationships—ministry can be a recipe for losing your first love. SeeJesus offers tools, resources, and in-person training to help first restore your soul and then disciple your congregation.