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A Praying Life

Marinating in A Praying Life

Stephanie Murata | September 15, 2022

As we experience ongoing growth and new opportunities, we are very pleased to announce a much-needed addition to the "A Praying Life" team! Adam Barker has joined us as our new Southwest Coordinator.
Ross and Angela enjoy reading to Geneva.
seeJesus Staff

New Battlefields

Gretchen | June 2, 2022

As a member of the Pennsylvania National Guard, Ross Burns, seeJesus' new Military Trainer, desires to bring Jesus' hope into the military. "It's a rough time in the military, for sure," shares Ross. The service men and women of the United States need the refuge of Jesus.
Christian Graham, Mid-Atlantic Student Ministries Coordinator
Student Ministry

The Beauty of the Gospel is Jesus

Katie Sullivan | June 1, 2022

With secularism on the rise, youth groups are one ministry that still draws people from outside the Church. Veteran youth pastor, Christian Graham, recently joined seeJesus as Mid-Atlantic Student Ministries Coordinator, and the heart of his ministry is to connect students with the Person of Jesus.
Brian Morgan's family
Student Ministry

“I Need More of This in My Life”

Liz Voboril | November 20, 2021

At 24, Brian Morgan stumbled, half-drunk, into church one Sunday, and his life was radically changed when he eventually met Jesus. Now, he is part of the seeJesus team full-time as our new Student Ministry Coordinator Southeast. Read more about Brian's story.