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Paul's dad, Jack, in dark jacket at far right, preaching the gospel on Wall Street in NYC
A Praying Church

A Glimpse of a Praying Community

Paul E. Miller | September 19, 2023

With the contemporary church so relatively prayerless, it can be hard to imagine what it looks like to be a praying community. You can get a glimpse of it in this story from my friend Dennis, who remembered a moment with my father, Jack Miller, on a Sunday morning in 1987.
Paul and the Caprines
A Praying Church

How Prayer is Becoming the DNA of a Las Vegas Church

Gen Simrak | June 12, 2023

When you think of Las Vegas, you may think of the famous motto, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” But Summit Ridge Church in Las Vegas, Nevada is hoping that's not the case when it comes to what the Spirit is doing in their community. We sat down with Pastor John Caprine, a former marine who refers to himself as the CRO, Chief Repenting Officer, to learn more.
Jon, Kieran and his family
A Praying Church

The Car that Wouldn’t Start

Kieran Carr | May 2, 2023

After three years of doing the Lord’s work in the power of the flesh rather than of the Spirit, Kieran Carr had a major health collapse. He told his boss, "I can't do this anymore," but his boss encouraged him to take a break. In God's providence, Kieran "met" seeJesus during that break.
Barker Family
A Praying Life

Marinating in A Praying Life

Stephanie Murata | September 15, 2022

As we experience ongoing growth and new opportunities, we are very pleased to announce a much-needed addition to the "A Praying Life" team! Adam Barker has joined us as our new Southwest Coordinator.