A Praying Church

The Feel of Waiting
A Praying Church

The Anticipatory Waiting of Advent

Paul E. Miller | December 12, 2022

The most easily missed person in the Christmas story is the last one mentioned. Where did the gift of Jesus, which led to the destruction of all evil and to a new heavens and earth, begin? With Anna in the temple praying. Of course, the gift of Jesus began from all eternity, and yet, it needed a human instrument, a conduit. Anna’s praying was one of the sparks that led to the incarnation...
A Praying Church

The Unfolding Prayer Story of A Praying Church

Liz Voboril | February 18, 2022

"I never started out to write a book on prayer,” writes Paul Miller in the introduction to "A Praying Life." As we reflect on the ministry of "A Praying Life," here is the prayer story behind the book and how it continues to unfold into a new book, "A Praying Church."
Help Wanted Sign

Jesus on HR

Paul E. Miller | November 17, 2021

In modern business terms, Jesus was a movement leader with twelve staff that needed to be recruited. Most leaders are quick to acknowledge that recruiting good staff is challenging. Let's watch Jesus do HR work -- and manage by prayer.