A Loving Life

A Loving Life
A Loving Life
Participant's Manual
Paul E. Miller
17 Lessons, 155 pages ISBN: 9781941178232

A loving life is what we all want. But loving people is hard. This 17-lesson seeJesus interactive Bible study will help you discover Ruth’s amazing biblical portrait of love with a small group or Sunday school class. Here is the help we all need to embrace relationship, endure rejection, cultivate community, and reach out to even the most unlovable as we discover the power to live a loving life. Teaching tools available here

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A Loving Life: Participant's Manual
What People Are Saying

“The word ‘love’ is most often either a vague sentiment or just another four-letter word. But in Paul Miller’s interactive Bible study, the quiet, compelling reality emerges. You will witness how love is thoughtful, principled, enduring, and wise.” 

David Powlison, Executive Director, Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation

“Once again Paul Miller uses his gifts to draw us into the middle of a Bible story. We feel as if we are walking right beside Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz. Paul uses modern day examples to help us grasp the characters’ situations, pressures, anguish, hope, and despair, and he helps us see how their hearts—and our own—respond to such stresses and to the Lord’s gracious, patient, redeeming love at work. BEWARE! This study will call you to deep-hearted worship, costly surrender, and extravagant love.” 

Elizabeth Groves, Lecturer in Old Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary

“Paul Miller reminds us with boldness and insight that a relationship with Jesus Christ means journeying with him to the cross, where we most know of the love of God for us. As such, it is the only path to learning to incarnate that love ourselves—and so to dance to the Spirit’s constant rhythm of being loved and loving others.”

Joseph "Skip" Ryan, Minister, Park Cities Presbyterian Church; Moderator, General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America

“The book of Ruth is about hesed, a loyal love, that Ruth shows to Naomi, Boaz shows to Ruth, and, behind the scenes, God demonstrates to his people. Paul Miller not only brilliantly explains the story of Ruth, but also shows how hesed love can transform us and our relationships. I highly recommend this book.”

Tremper Longman III, Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies, Westmont College


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