La Persona de Jesús, Tomo 2

The Person of Jesus
La Persona de Jesús, Tomo 2
Person of Jesus, Part 2
Paul E. Miller
28 Lessons, 254 pages ISBN: 978-958-8867-10-6

Person of Jesus explores how to love by looking at the one truly good man, Jesus of Nazareth. Author Paul Miller’s winsome insights into the biblical Christ combine with an energetic, interactive format to lead Christians and seekers alike to marvel at the beauty of Jesus. Part 2 in Spanish includes English units 3-5.

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La Persona de Jesús, Tomo 2: Person of Jesus, Part 2
What People Are Saying

"Our hold on the four stories of the person of Jesus has been weak. We don't have a good handle on who our Lord is: how he treats people, how he feels, how he reacts to people, how he times his interactions. Paul Miller's study sits at the feet of Jesus and looks at how he lives and speaks." 

David Powlison, Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation

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