Entering the Passion of Jesus Audio

The Love Course
Unit 5
Entering the Passion of Jesus Audio
A Theology of Love
Paul E. Miller
9 Lessons

Paul E. Miller’s The Love Course concludes with an exploration of Jesus’ passion, uncovering the very structures of love and taking us to the interior of the gospel. With his life under a microscope, Jesus loves in the face of evil and confronts, rebukes, encourages, grieves, waits, endures, and cares. Jesus is constantly moving towards people. Nine audio lessons.

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Entering the Passion of Jesus Audio: A Theology of Love
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"The Love Course reaches further into the heart and develops a sharper perspective of the beauty of Jesus and the gospel. I love it! And I love Him more and understand and appreciate His grace toward me far more as a result of this study."

Debbie Ellington

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