See Jesus This Passion Week: Free Devotional

By Paul E. Miller

This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday, the beginning of what is known as Holy Week or Passion Week. It is a week when we remember Jesus’ final steps to the cross. I don’t know about you, but for many years, I disliked it. Holy Week was heavy and dark. It was one bad thing after another. I wanted to look away, to fast-forward to Easter Sunday.

But when God turned up the heat on my life, and I began to immerse myself in the gritty details of Jesus’ story, I was riveted by his beauty under incredible pressure—his compassion, his honesty, his oneness with the Father, his focus on others. I no longer wanted to look away from the person of Jesus; I wanted to see him more clearly.

I’m inviting you to join me next week in looking closely at Jesus. We’re sending out a free Passion Week devotional to help you see the real Jesus—full of purpose, dedication, and—yes—passion. Together we will slow down and watch how Jesus lived as a human because seeing Jesus is inseparable from learning how to love. 

Will you join me?  

--Paul E. Miller

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