Praying in Our "Mini-Communities"

By Liz Voboril
Podcast Episode

In this episode, we explore how one way of praying continually is to pray in all our "mini-communities."  Paul is joined by Jon Hori, Bob Allums and Liz Voboril.

"I learned the secret to praying is praying with your spouse. It is to go 100% in their shoes, or as we say at seeJesus, to incarnate. If they want to lead the prayer time, let them lead the prayer time; if they want to pray at you, let them pray at you. You have to remove any possible prayer barriers."

"Jesus began with his disciples with just a 22 second prayer. That’s how long it takes to say the Lord's prayer."

"Guy culture can be macho and mocking. When there is a heavy diet of mocking, it is very hard to pray together in small communities. Guy cultures like this can do prayer meetings, but the mocking culture makes it harder to penetrate below that shallowness because you are afraid someone will mock you."