Pray Continually

By Liz Voboril
Podcast Episode

We resume our A Praying Church series with "Pray Continually" with Paul Miller, Jon Hori, Bob Allums and Liz Voboril.

"Prayer and faith go hand-in-hand. Prayer is, in effect, a faith muscle. You don’t go to the gym and try to lift 200 lbs if you’ve never been there before. The muscle has to grow. It takes time. You start with your little garden and add more seeds to it.

"You have to begin seeing God doing things. As you see God answer your prayers, it builds your faith more. Our hearts are not naturally believing, and our world is filled with unbelief."

"Paul uses the phrase 'constant in prayer,' in other words 'you be constant in prayer.' With the lack of the plural 'you all' in English, it's easy to miss that he's saying 'Y'all be constant in prayer", or the Philly version, 'Yous guys be constant in prayer.' It is a call for the entire community to be constant in prayer."