Mini-incarnation: Entering Someone Else’s World (POJ 10)

By Caitlin Pifer
Podcast Episode

We’ve been focusing on compassion and how it’s a movement toward people that begins with looking. We’ve looked at enemies of compassion: judging, self-righteousness and legalism. And now we’ll return to compassion and unpack a bit more of how it works.

“What we’re going to look at today is the verb ‘incarnate’ which comes from the noun ‘incarnation.’ We are used to thinking of Jesus’ incarnation, of God becoming man, but in many of the stories that we have from the Gospels, we can see Jesus doing what you might call a 'mini-incarnation' – meaning a small version of what he did in coming from Lord of the universe down to being embodied as a human being.”

“We’re used to thinking of the ‘big leap’ of that Christmas morning incarnation, but it’s neat to see these small leaps of daily ’mini-incarnation.’ ”

“If we’re really going to love, we need the Spirit of Jesus inside of us. We need to be praying our way through relationships. We need the Incarnating One, who is complete truth and complete compassion, to help us weave our way through the intricacies of human relationships.”