J-Curve Study, Unit 1 Video Library

By Liz Voboril

This video library contains two "albums," one focuses specifically on the charts in the J-Curve Study, Unit 1: United with Christ, the other contains videos of Paul teaching some of the material in the course. J-Curve is the term we use to describe the pattern of dying and rising that we see in the life of Jesus, which forms a model for the lives of His followers.

About the Chart Album

Watch Paul draw out and explain charts from J-Curve Study, Unit 1: United with Christ. Album contains a video for each lesson's charts.

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About the Teaching Videos

These video recordings are part of the research and development that Paul did in order to create the J-Curve Study, Unit 1. As part of that R & D, the content was rearranged over time, so the final version of the study doesn't line up exactly with these lessons. The title of each video notes which lessons relate to the material. If you are teaching the study, watching these videos can be a helpful way to develop your understanding of the course material.

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