J-Curve Community: A Walk into Corinth

By Liz Voboril
Podcast Episode

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Babbius’ monument [in Corinth] is telling us a story, and the story, or narrative, is about what is important…. Being seen and honored and known is what life is about here. What Paul counters the Corinthians with is a different narrative.

"For the Apostle Paul the cross is not just our salvation, it is the narrative of our life."

"Opposing the Babbius narrative is the cross. They could not be more different. The cross is at the bottom of the Failure-Boasting slide. Babbius is going up. He’s made it in life and he’s announcing it. Paul is coming in and telling the story of a poor Jewish peasant who was rejected by his own people and crucified at the cross. But it is in that weakness that the power of God lies."

Note: The image you see on the "Resources" page for this episode is the ruins of Babbius' monument, still visible today in Corinth.