Prayer Cohorts

What is an online cohort?

In this highly personalized prayer training, you'll gather with an experienced prayer trainer and 7-8 other committed participants on Zoom. Together, you'll build a set of 5 or more personal prayer cards that you’ll use to pray through key areas in your lives. Each week, you will experience the accountability and encouragement of praying together. As you see God at work in one another’s lives, you will grow in wisdom and faith.

Who leads an A Praying LIfe cohort?

Every cohort leader has been thoroughly vetted and well trained. You will see immediately that your leader is competent, full of heart, and actively living out his or her calling.

The number one challenge of our cohort ministry is that no cohort ever wants to end after 8 weeks! 

Many of us pray badly, yet we long to connect with our Father. If you struggle with keeping a consistent prayer life, we invite you to learn to pray through this 8-week cohort.

How do I join a cohort? 

Cohorts are always developing, and we have specialized cohorts for men, women, and pastors. There is a $99 fee for cohort participation. Participants will need the 2017 edition of A Praying Life. You can view all upcoming seeJesus and A Praying LIfe events here

What happens in a cohort meeting? 

We learn to pray, and we pray. We learn through a book study, open discussions, and applying new ideas in our personal lives. Then we pray through five key areas in each of our lives and begin to watch, together, what God does. Seeing God at work in the lives of others encourages you to keep asking—even when you don’t yet see movement in your own prayer story.