A Loving Life Seminar

Everyone wants to live a life of love, but few of us do. This in-depth look at Ruth’s amazing portrait of biblical love will overwhelm you with confidence, passion, and trust in Him while showing you how to love the everyday people around you.

What People Are Saying

"Coming home from the Ruth study to watch the March Madness finals was a real eye opener. I just couldn’t get excited the way I used to. I realized that nothing can satisfy me like God can.”  

Tim Wiggins, Perimeter Church, Atlanta, GA

"Best love story ever (and this is a man speaking), but the deepest love is not the romantic relationship, but Ruth's love for Naomi...Not at all just a woman's study. Great for men, too."

John Portis, Chelten Church, Dresher, PA

"Four small chapters take an ordinary story about ordinary people and places and explode it with truth and hope in Redeeming love."

Gretchen Sweet, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Lakeland, FL

"I’ve read the Bible cover to cover every year for the last eight years.  This seminar made me feel I had somehow missed Ruth in my reading.”

Hal Milican, Perimeter Church, Atlanta, GA