See Jesus Workshop

See Jesus Workshop

Atlanta, GA
Atlanta Westside
Friday-Saturday, November 13-14
All Trainees and Participants
Friday 6:00-8:30 PM
Saturday 8:00-1:30 PM

This is a closed event. Please contact us if you'd like information on hosting a See Jesus Workshop, or view other scheduled events here


Join us for a time of wonder and encouragement, discovering the beauty of Jesus!

See Jesus Workshop is designed to transform youth small group ministry and renew your love for Jesus by training you to lead interactive Bible studies. Develop your study-leading skills while you deepen your love for Jesus and Scripture. 

This workshop is set up like a small group where everyone is an involved learner. If you'd prefer not to lead a lesson, you can sign up as a participant. For this workshop, we will be using lessons from the Dependence Unit of the Person of Jesus study.

Join with others to dive deep into key methods of leading interactive Bible studies, all while seeing and enjoying Jesus!

Register as a Trainee or a Participant. Trainees will teach part of a lesson, with coaching, while Participants will be part of the study, watching how it's done and enjoying Jesus!

Trainees will be assigned the lesson they will lead a week in advance of the workshop. They should read through their lesson three times prior to the workshop prep session.

Trainees will observe a seeJesus trainer leading a lesson and go over essentials of leading an interactive study. After that, trainees will meet with a trainer and other trainees leading the same lesson. Each trainee will teach through a portion of his or her lesson, with the trainer interrupting as needed to give helpful suggestions or clarifications.

Meet Robert Row
Student Ministries Coordinator

Robert Row admits that—despite 20 years of pastoral ministry to children, youth, and families—Jesus was once something of a distant superhero to him. “In 2014, the Lord awakened my heart to the humanity of Christ,” he explains, “and I set out to discover the real Jesus.” Robert’s explorations led him to seeJesus, where he now serves as Student Ministries Coordinator and helps others discover the person of Jesus. Robert loves practical jokes and adventures in the outdoors and was once chased by a moose while working at Yellowstone National Park. (Apparently, there are pictures). Robert and his wife, Rebecca, have five children, one of whom is now with Jesus, and live outside of Chattanooga, TN.