See Jesus Workshop

See Jesus Workshop

Lakeland, FL
Trinity Presbyterian Church
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Saturday, 9 am - 12:30 pm
Each trainee teaches his lesson straight through for 40 minutes to a small group of 5-8 people, with spiritual reflection and evaluation after each lesson.

Join us for an encounter with Jesus.

Led by seeJesus Trainers. 

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Cost: $20.00 for trainees,  $20 for participants*

* Coffee, light breakfast, and snacks provided.

The See Jesus Workshop is designed to transform small group ministry and renew your love for Jesus by training you to lead interactive Bible studies. Join us for a morning of wonder and encouragement as we discover together the beauty of Jesus!

This workshop is set up like a small group where everyone is an involved learner. If you’d like to try your hand at leading, you can register as a trainee. If you'd prefer not to lead a lesson, you can sign up as a participant. Both roles add to the dynamics of the morning! We use the Person of Jesus study as our template for training.

Before the Workshop. Trainees will receive the lesson they will lead, via email, a week in advance of the workshop.  A seeJesus trainer will schedule a time with trainees to go over essentials of leading an interactive Bible study and practice leading the assigned lessons, during the week leading up to the workshop. 

Saturday, November 2, 9am - 12:30pm. Each trainee teaches his lesson for 40 minutes to a small group of 5-8 participants, with a trainer guiding spiritual reflection and evaluation after each lesson. All training groups will join together at the end to share our experiences. 

Other resources: Feel free to explore before or after the training to learn more. Here’s a link to an explanation about our interactive Bible study style:   And here's a link to all kinds of fun free resources:

Meet Laura McCaulley

Laura McCaulley loves watching people’s faces light up as they realize a new truth about Jesus or worship him in a new way. Laura, a new seeJesus trainer, has been involved in training women’s Bible study teachers and small group leaders at her church, Trinity Presbyterian, for nearly 10 years.

Laura is committed to telling—and helping others to tell—stories about God’s grace. Building on her training as a high school English teacher, Laura helps equip women to effectively share stories of God’s work in their lives in public settings on an ongoing basis. Laura treasures all kinds of teaching opportunities, including being a speaker at the 2016 "Story Teller" women’s conference at Christ Community Presbyterian of Lakeland and teaching 2- and 3-year-olds truths about the God who made them.

Deeply relational, Laura will stop whatever she is doing for a great conversation. “Let’s talk now and find my keys later,” says the admittedly forgetful mom of four kids under the age of ten. Laura lives with her husband, Frank, and those four precious kids in Lakeland, FL. 

Describe the See Jesus Workshop experience. It is like sitting at Jesus' feet for five hours! Each study is centered on rediscovering the person of Jesus and the gospel. People really do see Jesus and are amazed.

What do people get out of it? Love for Jesus expands; it is worship! People want to pass it on, and the training helps to encourage and empower them.


"You can’t prepare and conduct one of these studies without being deeply moved because of the depth of the material.  As I have looked upon Jesus, learned to love him more, and tried to become like him, I’ve been moved as much or more than the people in my group."

Steve Wilson, Small Group Leader

"I love this material because it is like Jesus; it is upside-down. It values the participant. That is especially unique and just written into the material."

Gretchen Sweet, Small Group Leader

"I love the detail in the stories and how you can study a story that you’ve known since you were a small child and get something new out of it every time.  You come away from the story feeling like you’re dealing with real people who struggle just like you do."

Debbie Chadler, Small Group Leader