See Jesus Workshop

See Jesus Workshop

Lakeland, FL
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Small Group Leader Training
9:00-9:15 am Arrival and Coffee
9:15-9:30 Introductions and Instructions
9:30-10:30 First Lesson
10:30-11:30 Second Lesson
11:30-Noon Reflection and Prayer

Join us for an encounter with Jesus on Friday, February 9, 2018.

Cost: Free

The See Jesus Workshop is designed to transform small group ministry and renew your love for Jesus by training you to lead interactive Bible studies. Imagine being able to lead a Bible study with confidence in your small group or Sunday school, or even at work or in your neighborhood!  You'll learn a new skill while you deepen your love for Jesus and Scripture. Join us for a day of wonder and encouragement as we discover together the beauty of Jesus!

How it works:
This seminar is set up like a small group, where everyone is an involved learner. As our template, we use the Person of Jesus study. 

  • Before the Seminar: Trainees will receive the lesson they will be leading, via email or in person from a seeJesus Trainer. Those trainees leading the same lesson will meet in a group with a trainer and get focused feedback as they teach through a portion of their lesson, being interrupted throughout the lesson with pointers, tips, and encouragement. These times will be scheduled during the week leading up to the training.
  • Friday Seminar: Each trainee teaches an entire lesson straight through to a small group of 5-8 people, with reflection after each lesson. 

People may register as a participant and not lead a lesson. They are free to interact in the group. This will help them to get a feel for our training and encourage them to participate in future trainings. 

Pre-requisite: Trainees must have either attended a small group using seeJesus materials, or watched a lesson taught online. (Grace for a Broken Woman or The Widow of Nain)

This Seminar is led by seeJesus Trainers.  

Materials: Person of Jesus Study individual lessons will be given to the trainees leading a lesson. The entire manual can be purchased here.

Register with the button below:
Trainees - By Friday, February 2
Participants - By Thursday, February 8

Training will also be led by Laura McCaulley.

At 6’10,” Timo Strawbridge commands attention when he walks into a room. But the Director of Spiritual Life at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Lakeland actually gets a little uncomfortable when leading a group of over 50 people.

That doesn’t mean that Timo doesn’t love teaching and leading. On the contrary, he has been joyfully facilitating one Person of Jesus study almost continuously since 2002—a record among our trainers. He’s also participated in over 100 seeJesus events, leading 6-8 See Jesus Workshops each year for the past few years. Timo watches for the unique “aha” moment every time he teaches. “Each one is differently worshipful,” he explains. 

In addition to his work with Trinity and seeJesus, Timo is also a missionary to his county, Polk County. Timo and his wife, Tina, have been married for 30 years, have one daughter, and live in Lakeland, FL.

What People Are Saying

"You can’t prepare and conduct one of these studies without being deeply moved because of the depth of the material.  As I have looked upon Jesus, learned to love him more, and tried to become like him, I’ve been moved as much or more than the people in my group."

Steve Wilson, Small Group Leader

"I love this material because it is like Jesus; it is upside-down. It values the participant. That is especially unique and just written into the material."

Gretchen Sweet, Small Group Leader

"I love the detail in the stories and how you can study a story that you’ve known since you were a small child and get something new out of it every time.  You come away from the story feeling like you’re dealing with real people who struggle just like you do."

Debbie Chadler, Small Group Leader