A Praying Life Seminar

A Praying Life Seminar

Online Seminar
Seminar Sessions 6:30 pm - 9:15 pm EDT
Seminar Continues 9:00 am - 12:30 pm EDT

Thousands of people have already experienced the movement of A Praying Lifefrom reading the bestselling book by Paul E. Miller, or attending a seminar at a local church. 

“A Praying Life Seminar is the most practical training in prayer possible, yet it is rooted in biblical theology. I highly recommend it.” 
Tim Keller

This seminar is not for victorious Christians, but Christians defeated in the trenches, asking… How do I focus when I’m distracted with so much to do? How do I pray longer than five minutes? How do I ask when I’ve tried it before and it doesn’t work?

Delving into our frustrations, we look at Jesus’ powerful yet simple teachings on prayer. We practice becoming child-like, patterning after Jesus’ own teaching and style of praying. We learn to ask our Father anything – with eyes wide open to the story he is creating in our lives. Further practical tools and helps are explained and demonstrated. Throughout the sessions people have time to pray, making real what they learned.

This online seminar will include regular breaks, reflective exercises, and times of discussion. 

This online event is closed. Please visit our events page for other upcoming seminars, or contact us if you'd like more information.

Presenter: James Pavlic (M.Div.) | As a career software developer, you might expect James to be programming in his free time, but instead you will find him preaching and teaching Christ crucified whenever and wherever he can. He has been teaching in the church for over 15 years and bivocationally pastoring for four of them. He is now working on planting Hope Church and serving as a pastor of small groups and church planting at Parkman Congregational Church. If you joined their merry little group you would find a praying church...praying together in small groups, and in weekly worship too! He discoveredA Praying Life at a church planters training and has been living and teaching it ever since, telling everybody how important having a vibrant relationship with our Father through prayer is. James and his wife, Amanda, have four children, two of whom are adults. They live in rural northeast Ohio, James’ hometown.