A Praying Life Cohort - Men and Women | Europe Edition

A Praying Life Cohort - Men and Women | Europe Edition

Online Cohort
A Praying Life Cohort
10 Online Cohort Meetings
Tuesdays, Starting September 7 7.30 - 8.30 pm UK time

For men and women who struggle with keeping a consistent prayer life (most of us?), learn to pray in community through this 10-week cohort.

What is an online cohort?

In this highly personalized, 10-week prayer training, you'll gather with an experienced prayer trainer and 6-7 others on Zoom. Together, you'll build a set of 5 or more personal prayer cards that you’ll use to pray through key areas in your lives. Each week, you will experience the accountability and encouragement of praying together. As you see God at work in one another’s lives, you will grow in wisdom and faith.

What happens in a cohort meeting?

We learn to pray, and we pray. We learn through a book study, open discussions, and applying new ideas in our personal lives. Then we pray through five key areas in each of our lives and begin to watch, together, what God does in each prayer story. 

What is a prayer story?

From the proven training of the book A Praying Life by Paul Miller, prayer stories are more than simply an answer to prayer to check off a list. Prayer stories emphasize that God is at work in the larger picture of our lives and of redemption. As we pray to gather and see God at work in the lives of others, you will be encouraged to keep asking—even when you don’t yet see movement in your own prayer story.

There is a $30 (USD) registration fee for cohort participation - a special Europe launch rate.

Participants are required to have the 2017 edition of A Praying Life, which can be purchased here.

Cohort Leader:

Colin Millar, a pastor in Ireland, has served in Church ministry for 15 years and is a trainer for seeJesus. His desire for himself and others is to see, know, love, enjoy, and reflect Jesus by living in the amazing personal reality of Paul's words: "I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me" (Galatians 2:20). Colin says, "In 2019, the J-Curve book was a precious and vital gift from my Father in heaven which the Holy Spirit has powerfully used to transform my understanding and renew my faith in Christ." The Lord then used some podcasts to lead him to the ministry of seeJesus and to discover their discipleship tools for living in Union with Christ (The Person of JesusJ-Curve and A Praying Life). Colin lives in County Antrim with his wife and two sons.

What People Are Saying About Prayer Cohorts

The prayer cohort has been a boot camp for my soul. Just like any other life skill, training and practice in prayer are critical to improvement... and this cohort has provided just what I needed.

Kevin Wing

Prioritizing prayer in this way was transformative for me - I realize how much I had made prayer about me instead of about God. I was convicted of many sins that have plagued and taken away from my prayer life (enter repentance card...), as well as challenged to grow in thankfulness (and thanksgiving card!). God is so good! I was truly blessed to have gone through the prayer cohort with my leader and the rest of my group, and am excited to see how God will continue to work in all our stories. 

Megan Cai

This helped my feeling of isolation as I discovered I'm not the only one that struggles, gets tired, and fails. After weeks of praying with these men, they may be my closest friends.

Craig Meredith

The Praying Life cohort I participated in changed my life forever. It was helpful, life-giving, and encouraging as I learned I'm not alone in my struggle to pray. It helped me to not only grow in my desire to talk to God more, but also in my love for Him.

James Pavlic

Prayer is often the first thing sacrificed as we try to finish our daily to-do list. But prayer focuses our attention on our Heavenly Father who grants us the grace and strength that we daily need. And when we pray with other brothers, we see our Father working not only in our lives but in each other's lives.

Ruben Sernas