Person of Jesus Study

Person of Jesus Study

Lookout Mountain, TN
Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church

Discovering Jesus as a Person 
Do you ever wonder: 
“There has got to be more to this journey of following Jesus. Faith often seems floaty or even lifeless. I preach the gospel to myself everyday but somethings just not working. I just can’t seem to grab onto it and figure out how it all works in my day-to-day life. I need renewal.”

You are not alone in your struggles. You are invited to an interactive seeJesus seminar focused on the Person of Jesus that will renew your love for the center of our faith. We will take gospel scenes, put them in slow motion, and zoom in on Jesus to watch the beautiful simplicity of his love and learn from him. He will capture our hearts and our imaginations as His Spirit ignites renewal in every area of life.

Meet Robert Row
Student Ministries Coordinator

Robert Row serves as Student Ministries Coordinator and helps others discover the person of Jesus. He admits that—despite 20 years of pastoral ministry to children, youth, and families—Jesus was once something of a distant superhero to him. “In 2014, the Lord awakened my heart to the humanity of Christ,” he explains, “and I set out to discover the real Jesus.” Robert’s explorations led him to seeJesus. He loves practical jokes and adventures in the outdoors and was once chased by a moose while working at Yellowstone National Park. (Apparently, there are pictures). Robert and his wife, Rebecca, have five children, one of whom is now with Jesus, and live outside of Chattanooga, TN.