Person of Jesus Study

Person of Jesus Study

Private Online Event
Fridays through May
1-hr Weekly Interactive Bible Study

This event is closed. If you'd like information about other online events, please visit our Events page or contact us.


Follow us into the crowd that followed Jesus... 

...and experience the tender yet powerful ways Jesus reached out to everyone he met. See how he loved people, what he was like as a person, why countless others were drawn to him. 

Using the gospels, journey back to the first century and see what it would have been like to meet Him face to face. Your study leader will lead you in discovery while modeling an interactive style of teaching, using Paul Miller's Person of Jesus Bible study. 

What is a Person of Jesus study like?
It is like sitting at Jesus' feet! Each study is centered on rediscovering the person of Jesus and the gospel. People really do see Jesus and are amazed.

What do people get out of it? 
Love for Jesus expands; it is worship! People want to pass it on, and the training helps to encourage and empower them.

Meet Richard
Eurasia Coordinator

Richard volunteered to train leaders in Latin America in 2005, while serving in his church. Today he equips others worldwide. His passion is that they will see, enjoy, and reflect Jesus. His goal is to multiply lovers of Jesus to use Person of Jesus study in discipleship and community ministries. Prior to working at seeJesus, he served in a variety of ministries from New Hampshire to Argentina.

Richard is a Trainer with seeJesus. seeJesus creates discipleship tools and trains people in how to use them. From start to finish, our approach to discipleship is relational; we don’t just train people, we cultivate gospel friendships. Each of our tools—including our books, interactive Bible studies, and seminars—is designed to equip the church to boldly live as his ambassadors in the world today. Trainers like Richard help us work personally with people around the world.