Jesus and Tribalism

Jesus and Tribalism

Thursday Evening
8:00-9:00 PM ET Webinar

In this FREE one-hour webinar, Paul Miller looks at how Jesus interacted with tribalism in his day, seeking wisdom for how we can engage it today.

What might Jesus say to our cultural moment? Jesus’ world was gripped by tribalism and yet he constantly crossed racial barriers. Many of us are reflecting on race in America in new ways. At the same time, many Christians feel confused and ambivalent, grasping for a way to love across boundaries that is different from what secular-liberalism offers. Join us as we learn from Jesus how to honor and appreciate the nuances of tribal differences, while not holding tribal identity sacred.

Paul will be joined by conversation partners from the Seeing Jesus with Paul Miller Podcast, Jon Hori, Liz Voboril, Keith Grant, and Robert Row, and will take questions from the audience.

Meet Paul E. Miller
Executive Director

How does seeJesus serve pastors? It’s easy in ministry to lose your first love. Having trained pastors now for 30 years, I’ve noticed how often youthful ambition gives way to cynicism. It’s a cancer of the soul. My prayer is that if you immerse yourself in our training and material, your love for Jesus and the church will grow. 

I’m interested. Where should I start? SeeJesus wants to first be a catalyst for restoring your soul and then for equipping your congregation. We are serious about getting your people on the front lines. While you can simply order materials through our website, I encourage you to attend or host one of our equipping seminars.

Paul E. Miller (MDiv, Biblical Seminary) is the executive director of seeJesus as well as the best-selling author of A Praying Life and several other books. With the help of his ministry staff, Miller creates and conducts interactive discipleship seminars throughout the world. He and his wife, Jill, live in the Philadelphia area and have six children as well as a growing number of grandchildren.