How to Lead an Interactive Bible Study Online

Image of How to Lead an Interactive Bible Study Online
Friday, November 20
Seminar 1:00-2:00 PM EDT

In this free, one-hour seminar, Paul Miller demonstrates his own simple method for leading an interactive Bible study online. Apply his time-tested tips and suggested tools to keep your community connected to the Scripture and to one another while you meet online.

Meet Paul E. Miller
Executive Director

How does seeJesus serve pastors? It’s easy in ministry to lose your first love. Having trained pastors now for 30 years, I’ve noticed how often youthful ambition gives way to cynicism. It’s a cancer of the soul. My prayer is that if you immerse yourself in our training and material, your love for Jesus and the church will grow. 

I’m interested. Where should I start? SeeJesus wants to first be a catalyst for restoring your soul and then for equipping your congregation. We are serious about getting your people on the front lines. While you can simply order materials through our website, I encourage you to attend or host one of our equipping seminars.