Discover seeJesus

Discover seeJesus

Join us to hear about what God is doing!
Webinar 8:00-9:00 PM EDT

Whether a podcast, a book, a webinar, or a friend introduced you to seeJesus, we invite you to discover more. Discover how God is using a small discipling mission to equip the global church to see and reflect the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Among other things, you’ll have an opportunity to hear about how God is at work in student ministry, as Robert Row, our Student Ministry Coordinator, will be sharing with us. Join us on Tuesday, August 18 to learn more about our Jesus-shaped vision and how God is transforming lives every day.

Meet Paul E. Miller
Executive Director

How does seeJesus serve pastors? It’s easy in ministry to lose your first love. Having trained pastors now for 30 years, I’ve noticed how often youthful ambition gives way to cynicism. It’s a cancer of the soul. My prayer is that if you immerse yourself in our training and material, your love for Jesus and the church will grow. 

I’m interested. Where should I start? SeeJesus wants to first be a catalyst for restoring your soul and then for equipping your congregation. We are serious about getting your people on the front lines. While you can simply order materials through our website, I encourage you to attend or host one of our equipping seminars.

Paul will be joined by Keith Grant and Robert Row.